Why entrepreneurs send their press releases with Buzzafy

Paul Knight 02 Aug. 2022, 12:55
Why entrepreneurs send their press releases with Buzzafy

A press release provides a good source of publicity. It informs your customers about a new service, website, app or business. Inform your customers about new market trends and changes. Press releases sent through Buzzafy are also optimized for search engines so they can easily find and index the articles. A press release reaches many people quickly and is a great way to cope with constant market changes and competition.

5 reasons why using a press release distribution service

Here are five reasons why using a press release distribution service is a good option:

Immediate and fast visibility A business gains immediate exposure and popularity through a press release. A good press release is instantly picked up by many reliable news websites and reaches thousands of people. If the keyword searched matches keywords in the press release, readers will find that press release in search engines and be informed about your company's products and services.

Increase Sales Volume Another reason for which press release distribution is beneficial is to increase sales volume. After all, if a customer is made aware of your new products or services, they can purchase it immediately with a click on your website. This tactic is especially common with small and new businesses. These need customers for growth and expansion. Press releases with offers can yield big business profits.

High trust and reliability Increased trust and reliability are also reasons that make press releases beneficial. Generally, people use Google or Bing to search for information about a company. They try to get information before hiring a company or wanting to use an app. In such a situation, a well-optimized press release can help improve your business. If visitors find posts about your company on other (news) websites, it gives them more confidence than not finding anything about your company at all. Press releases usually stay online forever, allowing your potential customers to see that you have been active for some time.

Inbound link building When you create a press release you can easily add links to your website. These links provide direct traffic to your website and play a big role in increasing the popularity of your website. Moreover, your search engine rankings can increase if your press release and therefore your links are posted on other media.

Increase your online brand awareness Do you want your business or website to be found? Do you want to rank higher in the search engines? PR and news releases posted on Buzzafy are also published on our own news sites and at your choice on social media. You also have your own company portal with information about your company and your own newsroom.

So these are the five main reasons that describe why a business owner should use a press release service. It is a cost-effective and efficient means of expanding and growing. New businesses should absolutely consider this to increase their profits and growth. 

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